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Calendar advertising works longer – a whole year.

365 or even 366 days of successful advertising require many years of experience and special know-how. Important for one of the most distinguished calendar makers! We produce calendars in runs of 2,000 to 2.5 million on four integrated production lines. You can expect sheet-fed printing with up to eight colors, numerous formats, customer imprints and common binding types. We offer thorough proofreading upon request.

In cooperation with agencies, publishers or directly with the customer, we also develop creative calendar concepts including their implementation. And through the impression of QR codes or the link to “Augmented Reality” (AR), we enable
a multimedia calendar experience. As a general contractor, te Neues responsibly executes your project from A to Z. Everything comes from a single source. From conception to printing, processing and shipping to invoicing your end customers. And: te Neues is also committed to individual orders from sub-areas of this spectrum.

Challenge us.

All kinds of calendars
Family calendars

With professionally designed family calendars, your company is continuously present in the everyday life of your customers. We realize your wishes and also gladly advise what the calendar can offer more (e.g. augmented reality).

Picture wall calendars

Whether art, architecture, nature, wildlife or technology: picture wall calendars attract the attention of viewers with strong motifs. We implement your specifications and ideas with many years of experience and an eye for detail. On request also with your advertising imprint.

Brochure calendars

Due to the stitching in the middle, brochure calendars offer a lot of space for picture motifs and calendars. Brochure calendars are optimal when you want to consider both design and utility.

Stripe calendars

The stripe calendar finds its place even on the smallest surface. It has been a popular promotional item for years because it provides a quick overview of birthdays and other events.

Our calendar experts
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