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Loyalty booklets

Effective customer retention


High quality loyalty booklets
for your customer campaign

Loyalty booklets give companies in a wide range of industries the opportunity to reward their regular customers for their loyalty or to create purchase incentives for new customers. In addition to careful printing, high-quality workmanship is also important in production.

In addition to the corporate identity elements of the issuing company, the conditions of participation and the areas designated for bonus points must also be precisely placed. Since customers generally use the loyalty booklets over a long period of time, the material used should also be stable and hard-wearing. We therefore offer high-quality paper in various thicknesses. Of course, the paper can be written on, stamped, and glued, so that your customers can collect their bonus points without any problems.

You decide what form the loyalty booklets take: we can produce your desired product in various sizes and formats. From the loyalty card to the scrapbook, the most diverse variants can be implemented.

We are also happy to support you in the selection of materials.

Our experts for loyalty booklets
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