effizienz und nachhaltigkeit

From ‘climate-neutral’ to ‘sustainable’

Growing environmental awareness and the resultant demands made by the market on the printed matter caused us to take action at an early stage – for our self-conception in matters of the environment and naturals also so as to be prepared for your customer inquiries.

We endeavor to continuously improve our services, also in the environmental sector. For the use of paper the customer can rely on paper certified according to FSC® and PEFC. Via us, the ‘Blue environmental angel’ can be applied for and used in exactly the same way as ‘climate-neutral printing’.

The principle of climate-neutrality means that the CO2 emissions occurring as a result of the print job are offset by saving the same amount of CO2 elsewhere.

In short: te Neues can also implement your environmental commitment regarding environmental matters and make it visible. Ask us.

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