More than just a printer

Welcome at the printer company te Neues in Kempen. For you and your printneeds we produce:


Posters (Offset and Digital printed)

Wall calendars

Magazine inserts

Catalogues / brochures




This applies for customers in Germany and of course in Europe also. Determining factors for the daily production are:


  • quality assurance (certified acc. to ISO 9001),
  • standardised printrun (certified acc. to PSO-ISO 12647),
  • sustainability (certified acc. to FSC® and PEFC) and
  • climate-neutral printing (optionally).


The capacities are large enough to be able to meet requirements at a short notice. In short, te Neues is professional and efficient. But – others are, too. It is the people at te Neues who devote themselves to you and your job that make the difference. Our customers recognize this commitment and in return are very loyal. It is this ‘feel-good factor’ that is probably the final, decisive difference between an efficient printer and a great printer.

Phone      +49 2152 143-0
E-Mail      info@te-neues.de


Take advantage of the benefits, the te Neues Group can offer you:
The process service provider PORTICA and the IT-Company GEDAK support the services of the printing company. MORE >>>

te Neues Verbund


We can make practicable and visible your commitment to the protection of the climate. MORE >>>

Climate Partner FSCDE Siegel